Adopt a wolf cub in Metal Gear Solid V and he'll grow up to be badass


This wolf has an eyepatch. Seriously

I was blown away by the extended Metal Gear Solid V gameplay demo from TGS. I knew the game would be huge and comprehensive, but it just keeps surprising me with how much content there seems to be. And we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. In the demo, we saw Quiet in action, and she looks to be a fantastic character to bring along on missions. The gameplay demo made a real believer in what she can pull off. But now, Kojima just teased another character that will likely win over the hearts of fans.

During a supposed repeat of the same session, we ended up seeing some new scenes not in the original demo. Big Boss comes across a dead wolf in the jungles of Africa. Nearby was the wolf’s cub, now an orphan. Initially, the player controlling the session decided the mess with the freshly orphaned cub by using the the decoy mine, which sprang up a blow up doll of Lisa from P.T. (another title produced by Kojima). Undeterred, the cub began to follow Big Boss around, making whimpering noises. Finally deciding to have a heart, the player used the fulton recovery device on the wolf cub and sent him back to base.

After the end of the mission, Big Boss returns to Mother Base and is greeted by Ocelot and the wolf cub, now given the name D.D. (Diamond Dog). After some time passes, we see Big Boss head out on a mission. This time, he brings D.D along, now fully grown into an adult wolf — and is even sporting an eye-patch.

The buddy system, which allows players to bring a support character into the field with them, was a great surprise. And now, we have a glimpse of another character that’ll surely bring a lot flashbacks to the character Sniper Wolf from MGS 1. I was on Team Quiet initially, but now I might turn-coat and go with D.D. How can you say no to a badass wolf with an eye-patch?

What do you think, MGS fans? Is this too weird, or too right?