Adorable Shantae figure now available for pre-order


No International shipping breaks hearts

Charagumin’s Shantae figurine, that was previously available as an Anime Expo exclusive, is now, unsurprisingly, available for pre-order.

The colour-resin figure, which you click together before giving pride of place on your shelf, can be reserved over at the VolksUSA online store. The delivery date is as soon as August 18 of this year. The figurine, which stands at roughly six inches, is priced at $75. Thirty randomly selected orders will have the packaging signed by Shantae‘s voice-actor Christina Vee.

I want one of these like you wouldn’t believe, but not only can I not afford it, but also Volks is not shipping outside of the U.S, Canada or Mexico. So for now, this is one wish that’ll stay firmly in the lamp. For any other Shantae fans, you can pre-order the figurine at the link below to get yours reserved. Note that pre-orders close August 14.

Shantae figurine pre-order page [Volks USA]