Adventure games 80 Days and Heaven's Vault coming to Switch


We put an adventure game on your Switch so you can adventure while you adventure

Switch ports have been all the rage ever since the system was released, and rightfully so. Who doesn’t want to play their favorite game while on a long road trip or their daily commute? Well, now the fine folks at Inkle Studios are porting their two most popular narrative adventure games to the Switch.

80 Days is a steampunk retelling of the famous Jules Verne novel and if you were to ask me, it stands at the pinnacle of what’s possible with branching storytelling in video games. Like in the novel, you are in a race to get around the world in 80 days. To do that you must plan routes and means of transportation as well as navigate the hazards that come when you find yourself in a land you don’t know.

80 Days was already portable as it was on most mobile platforms, but reading on those tiny screens was always straining for my terrible eyes. So the larger Switch screen might make this worth a triple-dip for me when it comes to Switch on October 1.

Heaven’s Vault came out earlier this year and while we didn’t review it here, it’s been given high praise across the gaming sphere. In the game, you play an archaeologist in space looking for a missing scientist and the location of the fabled Heaven’s Vault. I can’t speak on it personally as I’ve yet to play it, but it was good enough for The Guardian to place it on its “best games of 2019 so far” list. For what it’s worth though it is on my shortlist to play as I recently got it as a birthday present from my best friend.

No hard date is known for the Switch port of Heaven’s Vault, but it should come sometime in 2020.