AEW wrestler Kenny Omega rocks Undertale cosplay for Halloween show


Take care of yourself, kid

Pro-wrestler Kenny Omega has never been shy when it comes to combining his love of his profession with his love of video games. Ever since he blew up in Japan with the popularisation of Street Fighter moves such as the Hadoken and the Ultimate Atomic Buster, (as well as some amazing in-ring performances), Omega has squeezed gaming references into his matches whenever possible. And now, as one of AEW’s top stars, he gets to do that on a more mainstream stage.

Last night, AEW ran a Halloween theme for its weekly Dynamite show and Omega, true to form, came out sporting a fantastic cosplay of Sans the Skeleton from Toby Fox’s beloved RPG Undertale. If the 1:1 look wasn’t enough, then Omega even used “Megalovania” from the game’s soundtrack as his entrance theme. The entrance was preluded with a smart Undertale-style intro video, that referenced both Omega’s past with New Japan Pro Wrestling and his DDT “Golden Lovers” partner, Kota Ibushi.

You can check out the full entrance in the video below, from YouTuber Mr BN King.

AEW itself has been making murmurs about producing its own wrestling video game at some point in the future. Given the current state of this year’s WWE 2K20, it seems the market is screaming for some mainstream competition and, given the passion for gaming many members of the AEW roster share, any such project would be worth keeping an eye on.

AEW Dynamite is screened Wednesday nights on TNT.