After a bizarre history, finally we're getting a proper Castle of Shikigami localization


Castle of Shikigami The Lost Levels

Alright kids, ready for a tale of weird localization? You already know that instead of the original Super Mario Bros. 2, we got a reskinnedYume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic, only getting the real game much later.

Unlike Super Mario Bros. 2, we got the realCastle of Shikigamigame back in 2003, but only mostly. It was branded as Mobile Light Force 2, a sequel to Mobile Light Force, and had all the story stripped out. The first Mobile Light Forceis an arcade shoot-’em-up originally titled Gunbird, another Japanese arcade title completely unrelated to Castle of Shikigami. But then we got Castle of Shikigami 2in tact, but the voice acting quality is legendary.

Degica will be localizing the original game, including the story this time, and doesn’t have any plans on branding it under a different series. Hopefully.