After all these years, Soldat 2 is coming to Steam


Along with the original game

It’s wild to see an early-2000s online sensation like Soldat return out of nowhere with a sequel.

Later this year, creator Michal “MM” Marcinkowski is hoping to catch lightning in a bottle again with Soldat 2. As a “direct successor,” the game is another side-scrolling shooter with simple yet chaotic multiplayer skirmishes, but it’s sporting a more modern look and across-the-board customization.

When Soldat 2 rolls onto Steam Early Access in Q2 2020, it will initially offer online multiplayer with dedicated servers, custom game modifiers, and “procedurally generated or designed levels.”

Further out, there are plans for a level editor and generator, mods, level destruction, and new weaponry along with “experimental features” like classes and vehicles. Marcinkowski hopes the project will become “a powerful platform for custom created content, mods, and other Soldat-like games.”

If you’re nostalgic for the original Soldat, that’s also coming to Steam this year. Crazy.