After nearly two years, the Xbox One streaming app for Oculus is out


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Xbox One to Oculus Rift streaming was announced back in mid-2015, and now, it’s finally available. What the app basically does is create a giant virtual screen, allowing you to utilize the Xbox One interface directly. The key is that said screen can be manipulated to your will, and display information on the sides of it. Other than that, it’s an extension of what you can already do on a Windows 10 machine.

While many VR streaming or video UIs are overly simplistic, some are striving to provide a level of detail that you can’t really get out of a standard TV. When the day comes that every VR app is like that, I’ll be interested in switching over to VR more for video — for now, I’m mostly content with just gaming with a headset.

Xbox One Streaming [Oculus]