After playing the demo, I'm down for Return of the Obra Dinn


Well, even more than before

I’ve long admired Return of the Obra Dinn for its distinct lo-fi art direction, but today marks my first time playing it. There’s a new demo out on Windows and Mac that’s similar to what debuted last month at the Game Developers Conference, and it’s pretty darn neat! You can download it here.

This is the upcoming first-person mystery game from Papers, Please designer Lucas Pope about a vessel once lost at sea that has reappeared without its crew. The demo has you boarding the Obra Dinn and using a strange (and sinister?) device to experience the past through ghastly audio vignettes accompanied by these frozen-in-time sequences you can explore for a brief period.

I’m sufficiently intrigued to see where the story goes. Note that this playable build is “not meant to be a proper demo of the final product but it’s probably safe to extrapolate from here.”

[Via Brandon Boyer]