After Rime, Tequila Works' next project is a VR murder mystery


The Invisible hours

We all get to see how Rime, a game that was shown off in 2013, worked out in May. But Tequila Works is already looking to the future, as The Sexy Brutale is due for release this month, and their next project, which is VR related, has been revealed.

There’s no date in sight, but The Invisible Hoursis an intriguing murder mystery concept that sees players reliving the death of Nikola Tesla in a “whodunnit” fashion. We’ve already seen several “board game” type projects in the VR space, so I hope this one continues to iterate on what we’ve seen so far from the tech.

Right now it’s far from setting the world on fire, amidst turmoil at the Oculus camp and the tepid pace of the Vive. At the moment Sony is poised to take advantage with PlayStation VR,but right now there are very few games that have stone cold dates for it, and even fewer exclusives.