After walking the walk with Switch ports, Bethesda is talking the talk about more on Switch


I Wanna Talk About Me

Todd “I just killed the ‘Skyrimon everything’ joke at E3 2018″ Howard has some words to say about the Switch. Some of it is lip service, but given how Bethesda has at least put their money where their mouth is with three ports, it’s more poignant than the “will they won’t they” talk from a lot of other major publishers who generally shy away from Nintendo platforms.

Speaking to Game Reactor, Howard said that he “loves” the Switch, and that “when Nintendo came to us we were one of the first people that they showed the Switch to. So I got to play it very, very early, and immediately felt that this is unique, it’s not just a handheld, it’s also a console and it’s very uniquely Nintendo.”He goes on to say that thy “felt strongly it was going to be popular,” and that they were “very early as developers.”

With the background out of the way everyone was wondering the same thing — are there going to be non-port projects on the system at some point, specifically Falloutrelated? Howard responds: “Well, there’s definitely interest, [but] not something that we are exploring right now. We think that the Switch is a great platform. It was the first time we really worked closely with Nintendo on Skyrim – really, really great experience and we’ll certainly be doing things with the platform in the future, but right now it’s not a mainline Fallout 4.”

So again, there’s some lip service there. Bethesda is excited about the tech, but like some studios have abandoned VR following that initial wave of excitement, we could see some dragging of the feet from the company about bonafide new releases. Something tells me that given how well the Switch is doing though we could see Bethesda, and many others, actually deliver one day.

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