Akuma's Street Fighter V debut will come with a topless cheat code



When December 20 rolls around, Season 2 will have officially begun for Street Fighter V.

It’s a pivotal moment for Capcom given their relatively low sales for the game, and although they have claimed they will support it for several more years, I wonder if we’re ever going to get an Xbox One edition down the line (I’d love to see the terms of that exclusivity deal). Either way, Akuma is someone fans have been wanting for a while now, but he’ll come with a special little costume alteration, just like Urien.

Discovered at a pre-season event in the video below at PSX, pressing holding in a certain button combination (it’s either LP+MP+HP+LK + the up direction or LP+MK+HK) while selecting Akuma will alter this outfit into a shirtless rendition.