Alien: Isolation is just a couple of bucks on Steam for 'Alien Day'


They can bill me…

April 26 was “Alien Day,” a celebration of the enduring Alien movie franchise. The date (4/26) was chosen in reference to LV-426, the lonely planet on which the terrifying Xenomorph race was first discovered. In the spirit of all things Alien, Steam is currently running a limited-time discount on all franchiserelated games.

You can bag Creative Assemblies’ excellent 2014 release Alien: Isolation for the sweet price of just $2.00 USD/£1.50 GBP, while its various DLC expansions – including movie adaptation Crew Expendable – are similarly discounted. Also on offer are Rebellion’s 2010 shooter Alien vs. Predator, Zen Studios’ Alien vs. Pinball, and Sega’s notoriously poor 2013 release Aliens Colonial Marines. The sale ends tomorrow, so you know the drill, assholes and elbows.

But before you head out, marines, sound off with your favourite Alien moments in the comments below. I like anything with Pvt. Vasquez, or anything from Aliens, in fact. I also think the original Prometheus is underrated. Don’t @ me.

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