Alien: Isolation's latest add-on serves up a gruff face to the Xenomorph


Axel’s back

Just like Alien: Isolation‘s last piece of content, the newest add-on again asks you to decide what’s more important: a shot at leaderboard fame or safety? The two are mutually exclusive, and there’s a pissed off Xenomorph that’s coming after you regardless of which one you pick.

The fourth slice of DLC for Alien: Isolation isLost Contact, and it’s another Salvage challenge. For the uninitiated, Salvage mode tasks the player with completing ten challenges with just one life in under a two-hour time limit. Points can be traded in for save slots, meaning that the final score will take a bit of a hit.

Lost Contact‘sfocused on Axel, the abrasive first human that Ripley met in Isolation‘s campaign. He’s stranded on a remote section of the Sevastopol, and needs to find his way across it. Of course, there are plenty of lethal obstacles trying to ensure that he doesn’t meet his goal.

Lost Contactis the fourth of five announced add-ons to Alien: Isolation, and it launched today.