Aliens: Colonial Marines campaign DLC uncovered


World excitedly anticipates paying more money for garbage

Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting downloadable campaign content in the near future, with leaked PS3 trophies revealing all. Stasis Interrupted is the name of the DLC, and it’ll be part of the Season Pass some people actually spent money on.

Pricing and details outside of trophies are yet to be revealed, though my guess is it’ll be an attempt to give the campaign an actual conclusion, rather than the vaguely comprehensible non-ending to the pathetic four-hour insult to the Aliens legacy we got in the main package. Definitely worth paying more money for, since $60 for half a game just wasn’t enough.

You can check out the trophies below, but be warned of potential spoilers. Then again, if you find a way to spoil your Colonial Marines experience more than by actually playing it, you’re some sort of X-Man.

I am still not over Colonial Marines, nor will I be in the near future.

  • Thank You, That Will Be All – Complete Stasis Interrupted at any difficulty
  • I’m Happy to Disappoint You – Complete Stasis Interrupted in Ultimate Badass
  • We’re Still Collating – Find all Stasis Interrupted Audio Logs
  • I Only Need to Know One Thing – Find your family
  • They Can Bill Me – Destroy the Legato
  • I Don’t Got All Day – Sever the umbilical without missing a shot
  • They’re Dead! OK? Can We Go Now? – Kill all the Lurkers in Sulaco engineering
  • Now What Are We Supposed to Do? – Escape the FTL ship
  • We Are Leaving! – Survive the Queen escape
  • It’s the Only Way to Be Sure – Destroy all samples in the labs of the Queen module