All Fallout 76 beta participants have extra codes to give to their friends


Radiate three of your closest pals

As the extended Fallout 76beta draws to a close, Bethesda’s making one last ditch effort to get you and the people around you hooked. Previously, the beta was only available to folks who pre-ordered the game. Now, all the beta participants have the means to bring a few friends into the fold.

Bethesda has given all Fallout 76beta testers three additional codes to hand out. They’re sitting in your account under “Transaction History.” The codes are only applicable to whichever platform you’re playing on; for instance, PC players got three PC codes. Here are the detailed redemption instructions (although, they’re not to difficult to figure out on your own).

The idea here, I suppose, is that nearly everyone’s experience will be enhanced if they’re playing with friends. Fallout 76is a strangely lonely game, even when other human players are nearby. Teaming up with friends should, in theory, partially eliminate that. Fallout 76has potential to be tremendously popular as a social event among people who just want to trek across this post-nuclear world with pals.

There isn’t too much time for dawdling, though. There are only two dates left in the Fallout 76beta. The first is from 5pm to 9pm Eastern today — which starts about 30 minutes from now. The second is November 4 from 2pm to 9pm Eastern. After that, the trials are over. Anyone who wants to play Fallout 76has to cough up the caps to buy it.

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