All Halo fans will probably want to watch Halo Wars 2's launch trailer


Even if they don’t all want to play it

Halo Warsis a curious thing. The Haloties give it some crossover appeal for people who just want more Halo canon. But, the real-time strategy genre may be the exact opposite of first-person shooters. These games are Haloin name and lore only.

That’s why you can’t exactly fault a Halofan for showing disdain toward Halo Wars. It’s just not really what they signed up for. It’s like that time Lil Wayne made a rock album. Yeah, it’s still Lil Wayne and it’s still music, but just because you think he’s a good rapper doesn’t mean you want to listen to him fumble his way through a guitar solo.

With Halo Wars 2just a couple of weeks away, Microsoft has released a launch trailer that appeals to the Halo fan far more than the real-time strategy fan. It’s all sci-fi action cinematics, a look that’s much more befitting of a summer blockbuster popcorn flick than a game about commanding units around a battlefield. It’s neat but also probably misrepresentative.

For those who have an interest in Halo Wars 2but aren’t committed to purchasing it, keep an eye on Destructoid in the coming weeks. We have a giveaway planned that will have some lucky readers playing for free.