All I want for Christmas is Fire Emblem Heroes' Santa Bernadetta


Deck the halls (and faces)

Nintendo has released the latest update for its mobile battler, Fire Emblem Heroes. In keeping with the spirit of these festive times, the newest in an endless line of in-game events sees a quartet of warriors don their Holiday finery to celebrate Chrimbo is style. ‘Tis the season, after all.

Joining the Orb-greedy pull pipe from today are Path of Radiance‘s Sephiran, Three Houses‘ Hilda, and a new Harmonized Hero in the form of Radiant Dawn‘s Altina and her daughter, Path of Radiance‘s Sanaki – all of whom are rocking their best Santa Claus duds. Best of all is Three Houses‘ Bernadetta, who has single-handedly made me believe in the spirit of Christmas with her baffling new “log cabin winter storm” attack. Bless her heart.

As expected, the four new heroes arrive alongside a new Holiday-themed story chapter, titled “A Festive Miracle,” which sounds like one of those god-awful conveyor belt Christmas movies that plague the Hallmark channel’s catalogue. Still, with Santa Bernie in full effect, this is not the time to be complaining, lest she come down the chimney to give me a stern telling-off.