Alolan Pokemon have finally made it to Pokemon Shuffle



For those of us who are still hanging in there with Pokémon Shuffle despite knowing full well how devious the free-to-play puzzler can be, big update: Alola-region Pokémon are starting to show up!

Familiar faces from Sun and Moon like Litten, Oranguru, Wishiwashi, Cosmog, Mimikyu, and the Alolan Geodude line are already available, with more limited-time levels showing up throughout May. For a full breakdown of new and future content, the Pokémon Shuffle subreddit has us covered.

The developers are also giving out daily rewards, starting today with 2,000 free Coins. And be sure to head into the Special Shop for a free “No Hearts Needed” item — that’ll grant you infinite Hearts for 15 minutes, which will be ideal for tackling the dreaded Pokémon Safari before it goes away.

Lastly, for those of you who left Shuffle long ago (probably for the best), I feel like I need to point out that there are now 580 main stages, to say nothing of the Special and Ex levels. I’m up to 541. Help me.