Alone in the Dark creator's new horror title 2Dark is nerve-wracking


Stealthy horror puts me on edge

It’s about time we had a refresher on 2Dark, that survival horror game from Alone in the Dark and Little Big Adventure creator Frédérick Raynal and his Lyon, France-based studio Gloomywood.

This animated story sequence speaks for itself, so I’ll just add that I dig the game’s original premise. You’re playing as a former detective who’s out to save children from psychopaths, which should bring about interesting scenarios given that 1) “supplies are limited,” 2) “kids will be kids” who can break your cover, and 3) you have to smoke to save your progress, and that can lead to “coughing fits.”

2Dark is “coming soon” to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For a few more tidbits, check the Steam page.