Amazingly, the Switch is slowly approaching the PS4's total hardware sales in Japan


Roughly five million for Switch (since 2017) compared to seven million PS4s (2014)

The Nintendo Switch is selling like hotcakes in pretty much every region, especially Japan. Initially the country couldn’t keep the thing on store shelves in implemented a lottery-like system in some areas, but it’s nowhere near the Wii shortages as folks have actually been able to snag them over time.

As a result the Switch is doing incredibly well in Japan, and just approached the five million total sold mark with 4.966 million units, following a one-month surge of 199,000 units sold. Directly compared to the most dominant current system, the PS4, which had a one-month total of 86,000 units sold, the Switch is very close to its 6.979 million unit Japan total.

Most people probably aren’t aware of this, but the PS4 actually arrived in Japan four months after the western launch in 2014. That gives the PS4 a roughly three year lead on the Switch. Nintendo’s long term success(and attempt to topple the insane 100 million plus sold all-time highs of the PS2, PS1, and Wii)hinges on convincing more third parties to provide launch parity for big AAA games, continuing with strong first party support, wrangling in their insane flood of indies that could lead to market saturation, and pushing the “multiple Switches per household” angle.

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