Amazon has Ark: Survival Evolved cheaper than it has ever been


Even cheaper than that Steam sale

Anyone in the market for some more dinosaurs in their video games might be happy to know that Amazon has Ark: Survival Evolveddiscounted deeper than it has ever been before. The Early Access title has been on digital storefronts for a little more than two months now.

Despite its relative newness, Arkhas moved plenty of copies in a short time. During Steam’s Summer Sale, Ark‘s price was slashed by 17 percent and more than 445,000 people picked it up. That resulted in the game bringing in more than $11 million in revenue.

Amazon’s offering is a little better, as it’s a 25 percent discount. That brings the price down to $22.49. (For those wondering, it’s delivered as a Steam code.) Arkis obviouslystill a work in progress given that it’s Early Access, but you also get to ride dinosaurs around. That’s some give and take, right there.

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