Amazon Japan has some exclusive Nintendo Labo goodies


Thank god for no region locking

If you’ve yet to grab Nintendo Labo, you might want to hold off on running straight to your local store. Amazon Japan actually has some exclusive little goodies for Labo, should you decide to import the kit from the land of the rising sun. Included in both the Variety and Robot kits, you’ll receive some nifty masking tape and a cut out of Danbo the robot from the manga Yotsuba&! In a nice touch, the masking tape is actually modeled after the tape Amazon uses for packages in Japan.

These goodies don’t amount to a whole lot (and could easily be replicated with some ingenuity), but they are certainly a bonus not available in the West. I like how plain Danbo’s face is, so I’d definitely wear that if I had the kit. Maybe I should just import this (and spend more on cardboard).

Amazon Japan Has Exclusive Nintendo Labo Tape And A Bonus Set For Danbo From Yotsuba&! [Siliconera]