Amazon Prime launches on-demand Pokemon channel in U.S.


Gotta Watch ‘Em All

Online retail giants Amazon have launched their dedicated Pokemon channel. The service, which features access to hours of classic Pokemon animated fun, is available now for U.S Prime subscribers.

The channel currently hosts seasons 2-5 and seasons 10-16 of the ’90s juggernaut that was Pokemon The Series. There are also four classic movies available for viewing: Pokemon 2000, Pokemon The Movie 3, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. The content available on-demand will be rotated regularly, with nearly two decades of TV shows and feature films to choose from.

Pokemon was a little after my time, so I never really bought into it, but I remember how the shows, cards and games steamrolled over the planet in the tail-end of the ’90s, beginning a legacy that continues to this day. Hopefully some of you guys and gals will be able to take a joyous trip down memory lane thanks to this new video-on-demand service.

The Pokemon Channel is live now for all U.S. Amazon Prime subscribers, which costs around $3 per month.