Amazon Prime's gaming discount no longer works on toys-to-life or some collector's editions


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Whenever an issue arises I feel the need to keep people updated on the state of amiibo, but this particular tidbit involves pretty much everyone that uses Amazon Prime to order gaming relatedparaphernalia.

According to Amazon’s updated terms of service(that you manually have to find by changing the default option of 2016 to 2017, sneaky), the 20% Prime discount for gaming no longer includes toys-to-life or collector’s editions (even if some are confusingly still discounted). The former includes amiibo, which is a pretty big bummer on top of the fact that Amazon is already slacking in that department as the only retailer with an exclusive that still hasn’t made them widely available.

Your other alternative? Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked. It still currently works on amiibo, and pretty much everything else in that arena. I only picked up a membership because of the amiibo shortage and it’s worked out nicely (but that’s literally the only thing I use it for).

Gaming [Amazon] Thanks Dan!