Amazon SNES Classic pre-orders might miss their ship date


Emails just went out to customers

Earlier this week, Amazon put up pre-orders for the SNES Classic in the middle of the night. It was frustrating for a lot of people who don’t keep weird hours, but at least those who got their orders ended up happy. Now there’s a new development that might frustrate the lucky ones who nabbed one.

Amazon has just sent out an automated customer service email to people who pre-ordered the SNES Classic that indicates it might miss its shipping date of September 29. “We recently learned that we may miss your delivery promise and apologize for the inconvenience. You will still receive your order of Super NES Classic,” the email reads. The entire email is at the bottom of this post.

There are a lot of things that are unclear here. It’s unknown if all customers received this notification or if it just went out to a certain subset of people. We also don’t know if this definitely means there’s a delay or if it’s just a possibility (although I’d lean toward the former). And, something we’ll probably never find out, what logistical snafu caused this to happen.

One thing is evidently clear, though: Getting an SNES Classic just can’t be as easy as it should be.