Amazon unleashes giant digital summer sale for PC and Mac


Who needs to wait for Steam to save?

Uh-oh, here we go again. Beginning today through July 14, Amazon has its sights set on emptying our wallets with theirDigital Games Summer Sale.

There’s a lot of games on sale — way too many to list — but current standouts include theMass Effect Trilogy and Dead Space 3 for $19.99, and Assassins Creed IIIfor a measly $13.31. Additionally, to help promote their new Indie Games Store, the online retailer is giving away free games with all indie game purchases.

Most games can be activated on Steam, with exception to Origin required EA titles. And for a full list of everything else on sale, including the dates the deals are active, check out this handy littlelistcourtesy of reddit.

So what games does everyone plan on buying and most likely never playing? I think I might finally splurge onBaldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition when it goes on sale July 8.

[Via NeoGAF]