Amazon will hand-deliver you a copy of Black Ops III at midnight


But only if you live in a certain city

If you live in a city that supports Amazon’s Prime Now app, you will be able to have another human being hand-deliver a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIdirectly to your door when the game launches on November 6.

For those unfamiliar with Prime Now, it’s an app that allows Amazon Prime users to have certain items delivered directly to their door for free. I’ve used it for groceries before, and the process is about as convenient as your average pizza delivery service. (Of course, that depends on your area — pizza delivery in LA is a perpetual crapshoot.) Ads for the app make it seem more impressive than it really is, which should be a shock to nobody. It’s more of a four-hour delivery time with a specific window. Then you have to contend with at least a 20% tip if you’re not a jerk, and potential delivery fees.

If you want to make a person bring a single video game to your residence, you have to make a pre-order through the Amazon Prime Now app on November 4 after midnight eastern time. And be quick about it, because there are only so many people and so many copies of Black Ops III. Based on my experience with Prime Now, expect to get your copy between 2 AM and 4 AM.

According to the Amazon press release, eligible cities are: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Miami, Minneapolis, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. That sounds about right.