Amid Evil brings Heretic vibes to Steam next week


How are you liking the retro FPS revival?

New Blood Interactive has a good thing going for fans of old-school shooters. The publisher is repping both Dusk and Amid Evil, the latter of which is almost ready for release. Keep an eye out for this Heretic– and Hexen-inspired FPS to pop up on Steam Early Access next Monday, March 12. It’ll run $20.

A game like Amid Evil is best appreciated in motion, and today’s footage — a five-minute preview of its endless mode — is a fine starting point. I know you’re feeling antsy, and you’re ready to bounce, but I don’t want you Logging Off today before you’ve seen an electric trident work its magic.

As for the main game, at launch, three of the seven planned campaign episodes will be playable; they’re said to have their own settings and enemies. Should be a fun throwback for fantasy FPS fans.

Amid Evil [Steam Early Access]