Amid Starbreeze’s troubles, Payday 2 is getting DLC soon following a content drought


I wonder who will end up with this IP if it doesn’t work out?

In case you haven’t heard, Swedish-based Starbreeze Studios is in trouble. Although the publisher hasn’t had it easy for some time, Overkill’s The Walking Dead, which was revealed in 2014, was a complete flop in every sense of the phrase, didn’t help. Their new strategy to save the company is to fragment the company and bet pretty much everything on Payday 3, which is due sometime in 2022 or 2023.

Until then, there’s Payday 2. Credited with originally saving the company after the acquisition of Overkill in 2012, Payday 2 has been trucking along since 2013, and is still in operation on multiple platforms like PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. After a massive hiatus due to the aforementioned financial situation, Payday 2 is once again getting DLC. Paid DLC, that is.

This main event is called “Border Crossing Heist,” and is due out on November 7 alongside of the free Silk Road update; which brings a new outfit mechanic (plus six suits) into the fray, as well as UI improvements. The rest will be broken up into paid DLCs beyond the scope of the free update, which can be purchased all together for $9.99 in a bundle, or piecemeal (the heist is $6.99, with 20 premium costumes and mods going for $2.99 each).

It’s become clear that Payday 2is helping Starbreeze get through the next two to three years: let’s see if it pans out. If not, someone will no doubt end up buying the IP. A publisher like EA or Ubisoft would snatch it right up.