Amnesia's Hard Mode sounds suitably nightmarish


There’s a new achievement for it

I genuinely like being scared, but I can only play horror games for so long before the tension is too much and I need a breather to calm my nerves. They can be draining! With that in mind, I’m happy to see Frictional still supporting Amnesia but I’ll have to give the devious new Hard Mode an instant pass.

Saving is gone except for manual saves that’ll cost you four tinderboxes a piece. You die when your sanity drops to zero. You’ll have less resources. Monsters no longer have a musical cue when they’re nearby, and they are faster, stronger, more perceptive, and stay around longer. Good luck with that!

The update is coming to Amnesia: Collection for Xbox One on September 28, after which point Hard Mode will hit other platforms. And yes, there’s a new achievement to earn — it’s called Masochist.

Frictional is still planning a PS4 port with a partner studio. That’s expected to launch later this year.

What is Amnesia’s Hard Mode? [Frictional Games]