Amplitude delayed from March until 'summer'


It’s only on PS3 and PS4

I hope you weren’t too excited for a March release date for the upcoming Amplitude reboot, as Harmonix has announced that it has been delayed until “summer” for quality concerns. The developer says that they don’t want to cut corners, and want to deliver the best experience possible, so a delay is needed. Sounds good!

I completely forgot that Amplitude was only being released on the PS3 and PS4, since most Kickstarter projects are developed for pretty much every platform under the sun. Of course this was explained by Harmonix itself, noting that, “Amplitude and FreQuency were originally funded and published by Sony for the PlayStation 2. Since Sony owns these properties, sequels are exclusive to the PlayStation platforms (PS3, PS4 and potentially PS Vita), as is the case for all other Sony-owned properties that we know of.”

Amplitude [Kickstarter]