An amazing Spider-Man: Miles Morales glitch is turning players into trash cans and bricks


Spider-Can, Spider-Can, does whatever a can…can

I was able to finish Spider-Man: Miles Moraleswithout so much as a single meaningful glitch, but now that it’s available at mass market, a few players have been uncovering some fairly esoteric and frankly Rockstar-esque bugs.

Over on The Twitter-Verse, folks have figured out a way to turn the titular Miles Morales into common household objects, like bricks or trash cans. By colliding with the wall, you can potentially turn into one of those things and swing around as the object. He’s a menace, I tell you! JJJ can’t even see him coming now: this is stealthier than Miles’ actual stealth powers. This is galaxy brain level Metal Gear Solid cardboard box sneaking.

Like Microsoft embraced Craig, so too could Sony and Insomniac embrace this glitch. Making a “brick” outfit as free DLC would be a pretty great move and an easy way to poke fun at the situation. It’s already in the game!

Here is “Spider-Brick,” the one that started it all, from Twitter user Rob Sheridan

So my #MilesMoralesPS5 has broken in a spectacular way. I collided with a wall and became… Spider-Brick.

— Rob Sheridan (@rob_sheridan) November 14, 2020

Bryanwassd stumbled across Spider-Can

Stumbled upon this glitch while playing Spider-Man. I present you, Spider-Trash! #PS5 #MarvelsSpiderManMilesMorales

— Bryan (@bryanwassd) November 16, 2020

pinkbrisk became a “splash of milk,” which is probably the weirdest one yet

I’m response to the crime-fighting dumpster, I present the web-slinging splash of milk. from r/PS5