An easy way to find a box of Super Mario Cereal


Nintendo, it’s for breakfast now!

The Super Mario Cereal, complete with amiibo functionality, released on December 11, 2017. However, until today, I hadn’t actually seen a single box on store shelves, despite searching obsessively. Sure, it’s kind of a dumb, pointless thing, but it’s a fun, dumb, pointless thing!

It turns out that there’s a pretty easy way to track down a box of this elusive, Lucky Charms wannabe. Thanks to an Amazon user named basscow, in the customer questions & answers section of the product page, a website known as BrickSeek was brought to my attention.

All you have to do is go here, type in the sku: 545139362 and your zip code, and this neat little tool will tell you if any nearby Walmarts have any in stock. As an added bonus, it’ll even show how much of the item each store has as well. The site has a disclaimer stating that it cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information, but after purchasing four boxes earlier (For myself and my coworkers. I’m not a scalper, I swear!), the numbers were immediately updated. It’s definitely at least somewhat reliable.

If you’re lucky, there may be no need to pay the inflated prices currently available on eBay and Amazon. I’m certainly not that desperate, but I’m perfectly happy shelling out the $2.98 MSRP for a goofy part of gaming history.

Speaking of goofy gaming history, here’s an amazing old commercial for the Nintendo Cereal System.