An official Pikachu gamepad for Pokken Tournament is coming soon


Next month in Japan

Pokken Tournamentstill get some play in my house, and really turned out to be a fun little fighting game. It’s a bummer that the new good gamepad can’t be used for anything else, but for those of you that live and die by Pokken, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Now, collectors everywhere may be perking up to grab a special Pikachu version, which was just newly revealed from HORI. It’s up for a June release in Japan, and will cost 3,758 yen. The pad has since been confirmed for North America, but not details are available just yet.

I think I’m going to skip out on this one — the original pad works well enough, and you strangely can’t use two anyway due to the game’s limitations (one combatant has to use the GamePad).

Serebii [Twitter]