An official Rick and Morty Pokemon parody game is coming this month


Pocket Mortys

Adult Swim just teased Pocket Mortys, a new mobile game (Android and iOS) coming January 14, and I’m pretty stoked about it. Simply put, it seems to ape Pokemon, with a Rick and Mortytint to it — it’s a free game, so the jury is out on IAP (mobile microtransactions) though. In case you’re confused, universes that involve multiple versions of Morty is a common theme in the show, as Morty’s grandfather Rick travels through space and time.

I didn’t end up catching Ricky and Mortyuntil Season 1 had ended and the second season was underway, but man I’m glad I did. I always hear the same thing from most people who are down on it — “the first few episodes are boring and weird.” Well, it stays weird, but it gets so much better as time goes on, and the latest season had a few great episodes that reminded me of the best parts of other great cartoon social commentaries, like Rocko’s Modern Life.

Pocket Mortys. Mobile. January 14th.

— adult swim games (@adultswimgames) January 5, 2016