An unconscious man kicks off Square Enix's three-day game reveal


Can’t Kill Progress

Square Enix is slowly and mysteriously revealing a game, and it’s pulling out all the stops. Across three days, we’ll learn what this new title is, and (hopefully) what kind of game it is.

Right now, all that we know is shown on Twitch. There was an unconscious man in a cell, then he got up and started walking around. Now he appears to be asleep again. Thrilling stuff.

It also seems as if the game’s name was revealed; it was originally called “Project CKP,” but now it’s Can’t Kill Progress. Judging by the Twitch page, we can also expect five “encrypted files” to be unlocked, which will likely shed more light on what this game is. There’s also a link to an Instagram account that has an interesting video uploaded to it.

Truth is, we’re just getting started with Can’t Kill Progress‘ reveal. There looks to be one more major update today, three tomorrow, and a final one on Wednesday morning. Stick around as we unravel what this new Square Enix game is all about, and which of its western studios is at the helm.

Can’t Kill Progress[Twitch]