Angry Birds heads south to Puzzles & Dragons this month


This collaboration makes a little more sense

Hot off their Batman: Arkham Origins crossover, GungHo Online Entertainment has landed another collaboration that makes a little more sense for their addictive dungeon-crawling puzzler. Beginning November 18, till December 1, those pesky (read annoying) Angry Birds are invading the world of, the two million strong and growing,Puzzles & Dragons.

“We are excited to announce the collaboration of Puzzle & Dragons and theAngryBirdsgames from Rovio Entertainment,” said Daisuke Yamamoto, GungHo Online Entertainment Producer and creator ofPuzzle & Dragons. “AngryBirdsis one of the most recognizable entertainment franchises in the world, and we are thrilled to be working alongside Rovio to give our fans a look at what it would be like ifAngryBirdscharacters invaded the world of Puzzle & Dragons.”

Additionally,the folks over at Rovio are currently running athemed-illustration contestthat asksAngryBirds‘ fans “What ifAngryBirdsshowed up in the world of Puzzle & Dragons?” The contest runs till the 20th of this month, which also is the deadline for entries.

My thought: They’ll all end up as lunch.