Animal Crossing dataminer uncovers tarantula nerf, possible New Leaf feature


Spoilers marked below

Let’s start with the non-spoilery stuff first.

Twitter user Ninji continues to tear through theAnimal Crossing: New Horizons code, and has found yet another nerf following the reduction of monthly bank interest. This time, Nintendo came for the bugs.

Seemingly not happy with the “force tarantulas to spawn” trick, a lot of bug spawn rates have been nerfed, especially said tarantulas and scorpions. While several creatures like butterflies and moths have been hit, tarantulas and scorpions take the brunt of the alteration, with decreases across the board. You can find the full chart below.

Okay, spoiler time, this is your second warning.

See how I put it after the lengthy chart? Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you.

This feature, also spotted by Ninji, concerns something that could be coming over from New Leaf. While the data isn’t concrete, Ninji has been following the possibility of the Dream Suite porting over to the new game. In short, players craft their own “dream suite,” quite literally, where they can invite other players to chill. It’s a relatively new but beloved feature by some fans.

Ninji notes that in the 1.2.0 update the string of code “ActorNetDreamLand” was added, with modifiers such as “upload” or “getID,” indicative of the online functionality of the Dream Suite on 3DS. This is pretty sufficient evidence to show that Nintendo is laying the groundwork for it, and possibly even testing it bit by bit. Maybe New Horizonswill eventually catch up with its predecessors: it just might take a while.