Gyroid fragments can wash up on your beach in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


A not-so-sneaky addition in update 2.0.4

In classic Nintendo fashion, this week’s update 2.0.4 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons stamps out some nitty-gritty issues that aren’t affecting most players, and it also implements unnamed fixes for the sake of “more enjoyable gameplay.” Wait, what?

While I heard people talking about their naked animal villagers — an “issue” that has now been “fixed” — there’s also buzz about Gyroid fragments showing up on players’ beaches, which is a pleasant surprise. As someone who found the energetic little fellas to be one of the best parts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons2.0 update, I’m pretty stoked.

You can find gyroid fragments on the beach now? Just updated to 2.0.4! from AnimalCrossing

I don’t do beach crawls like I used to back in my fishing days, but it’s nice to know that there’s more than just shells, Manila clams, and messages in bottles to look out for. And considering that not everyone has access to Kapp’n (who can whisk you away to islands containing Gyroid fragments), this extra source is helpful. No need to wait for a rainy day.

There’s still some speculation that this is all working as intended, though it sure seems to line up with the notion of “more enjoyable gameplay,” as Nintendo puts it.

Other fixes in the 2.0.4 update include a glitch with the ladder set-up kit disappearing on the third tier of a cliff, certain DIY Seasonal Recipes not displaying when they should, a problem with the DLC’s showroom after visiting another player’s facilities, and the aforementioned “hide your shame” bug, which players made the most of on Reddit.

For those of you who enjoy seeing Nintendo’s specific wording when it comes to off-brand scenarios, per the patch notes, the developers “fixed an issue where facility members wearing clothing that uses Custom Designs appear to not be wearing any clothing.”

Too late— the Gyroids saw everything. (How’s your collection coming along, anyway?)