Anime platformer Forgotton Anne journeying to Nintendo Switch


Will you remember her?

Square Enix and developer ThroughLine Games has announced that cinematic adventure Forgotton Anne will be arriving on Nintendo Switch in 2019, following on from its release on PS4, PC and Xbox One earlier this year.

Forgotton Anne, a 2D platformer with hand-drawn anime aesthetics, tells the story of the titular Anne, who exists within the Forgotton Lands. This is a parallel world where all mislaid and abandoned items exist, waiting for the day they are to be “remembered” and allowed to return to the real world. The story-driven adventure follows Anne and her friend, Master Bonko, as they attempt to quell an uprising that could prevent them from ever returning home.

Available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One, Forgotton Anne will launch on Switch sometime in 2019, selling at a discounted price for the first two weeks of release.