Anita Sarkeesian blows the pants off widespread censorship of butts


I, for one, am outraged!

Feminist Frequency’s latest episode in the Tropes vs. Women in Video Gamesseries has revealed a shocking amount of censorship that has slipped beneath our noses: the butts of male characters have been systematically censored for years. I can’t believe we have all just stood by and let this happen; we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Butt seriously, I’ve never really thought about how male butts are obscured so often until now. Makes you wonder what kind of people are making the calls on these games. Are there like boardroom meetings where executives and stockholders discuss what makes them less uncomfortable: hedgehogs kissing human girls or seeing man ass?

Obviously, the answer to that very specific question is neither because Sonic the Hedgehogkissed that girl and Dr. Robotnik’s ass is a bodaciousbadonkadonk.

So, who is going to start the petition to our video game overlords to free the man asses? I’ll be the first to sign.