Anker and Nintendo are teaming up to make an official Switch power bank


No more crappy USB-C cables

Since the Nintendo Switch uses a USB-C input to charge the console, a lot of people assumed any USB-C device would suffice for powering their consoles. This lead to some bricked consoles after an update as Nintendo incorrectly implemented the power delivery function of the USB-C standard. Using third party docks were causing a lot of problems, so it basically amounted to being stuck with official products if you wanted to power your console. At least Nintendo is now providing a different solution from just using their wall charger.

Announced yesterday, Anker Innovations has partnered with Nintendo to create some specially branded Switch power banks for people to use. These will be compliant with the voltage standards the Switch requires along with providing quite a bit of extra playtime for the console. The power bank will come in two sizes; 20,100 mAh ($89.99) and 13,400 mAh ($69.99). The largest size will allow for an additional 15 hours of playtime while charging.

You’ll be able to grab these power banks from GameStop or Anker’s official website later this month. Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations, said, “We are excited to partner with Nintendo to bring Anker power delivery technology to the Nintendo Switch. We believe our new power banks will be this year’s ‘must-have’ have accessory for all Nintendo Switch gamers.”

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