Another Her Story is in the works, but it's not a sequel


Her Story 2: The Streets, probably

Last year’s full-motion video indie darling Her Storyhas more yarns to spin. They won’t be tales you’ve already heard, though; the presentation is likely to be the same, but the content won’t have any connection.

Her Storycreator Sam Barlow confirmed on Twitter that he’s working on a “spiritual successor.” The reveal was accompanied with a “one-pager” (design document, essentially) that’s almost entirely blurred out. Even though that document is namedHer Story 2, Barlow says it’s just a working title.

The little that is known about Her Story‘s follow-up is that it has no story relation to its predecessor and that it’ll also be full-motion video. Barlow hasn’t confirmed anything beyond that. Whatever he does have in store, plenty of people will eagerly await it given how the first one turned out.

@mrsambarlow [Twitter]