Another new fighter revealed for Pokken Tournament, and it's a hot one


Can(dle) you guess who it is?

Earlier this week we found out about three new Pokkén Tournament fighters joining the roster: Garchomp, Braixen, and non-shadow Mewtwo. However, none of them matched the clue Bandai Namco gave earlier this month, teasing another new fighter soon to be revealed.

Today, the Pokkén Tournament website updated to unveil the next fighter as none other than Chandelure, the Ghost/Fire-type chandelier Pokémon, which indeed matches the clue from Bandai Namco. I know, it’s not Metapod like everybody was hoping for, but still… Chandelure!

It’s an unexpected choice for a fighting game character, since it doesn’t have the standard body type most of the others have (it has no limbs!), but I think that makes it a really exciting addition. This will be the second Ghost-type to join the roster, along with Gengar, but Ghost Pokémon are so cool that I’m honestly not too sad a new type didn’t make the cut. I’ll probably be maining either Gengar or Chandelure once I can get my hands on this!

We’ll have to wait a bit to see Chandelure in action, though. A trailer should debut on January 31 at Tokaigi 2016.