Ant Simulator dev quits, claims partners spent money on 'bars, strippers'


Game is canceled

[Update: Game Informer managed to get the other side of the story, which you can read here. Either way, Ant Simulatoris dead.]

For the past few years, fans of VR have been keeping an eye onAnt Simulator — a promising indie game that placed players into the viewpoint of a tiny ant, attempting to manage a colony. There was even a Kickstarter held back in 2014 to held fund the creator’s (Eric Terenshiki) company — ETeeski LLC.

But as of last weekend, Terenshiki is leaving the company, and is canceling the project as the lead designer. He alleges that his partners “secretly spent the overwhelming majority” of their funds on “restaurants, bars, and strippers.” He claims that they have all covered their tracks to the point where it won’t be worth it to sue, with a rock solid contract, and proof of the meetings that occurred, which Terenshiki claims are “bullshit.”

He noted that he signed an LLC agreement with them, having been friends for “11 years” — a move he regards as a mistake, and has since resigned and canceled Ant Simulator, calling it his “only option.” Whatever the case may be, it seems as if the project is dead and Terenshiki is going to “start over.” We’ve reached out to him for more info, but for now, you can hear his manifesto below.