Ant Simulator is basically Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The Game


Finally, a decent looking simulator game

I’ve always loved it when games or films explore size: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, that really good Toy Story 2 game on the PS1, Ant-Man… I just love that sort of thing. The idea of seeing things we’re so familiar with being made weird or dangerous by being so tiny is just really, really cool.

Thanks to Kotaku and PC Gamer then, for introducing me to what has suddenly become one of my most anticipated games: Ant Simulator.

Ant Simulator (shockingly) puts you in control of an ant surviving in the wilderness. The plan developer Eteeski has is for multiple species of ant to be playable, as well as having to go and collect resources, build your colony, and defend from other insects and even other ants.

The project is a continuation of Eteeski’s submission into a Ludum Dare gamejam last year. There’s no set release date for it just yet, but they are releasing regular development updates on YouTube, one of which you can see up above.

I am seriously excited for this.