Anthem's biggest content update to date is now in testing


Cataclysm is in the PTS

BioWare has been teasing Anthem‘s Cataclysm content, the closest currently revealed thing to raids, since even before launch. They had to push it back to you know…fix the rest of the game, but now they’re ready to continue to take things slow.

How slow? Like, public test server (PTS) slow for now. BioWare just opened up their proving grounds for testing, and anyone who can play Anthemon PC (or has Origin Access Premiere) can join in for free. It’s already in your game library. I’ll get this out of the way first: you don’t need to carry your character over or worry about being high enough level. Once you pick up on the PTS, you’ll be at max level with all four class archetypes(Colossus, Ranger, Interceptor, Storm) available. The Cataclysm is basically a giant storm that operates as a sprawling open world dungeon.

BioWare mentions multiple times in the announcement post that they’re looking for feedback to make sure they do it right this time.

Join the PTS for a Cataclysm Sneak Peek [EA]