Anti co-op shooter Vicious Circle is now available


Caduceus of Death

Rooster Teeth Games’ uncooperative FPS game Vicious Circle is now available for purchase on Steam. Taking an approach similar to EVOLVE, Vicious Circle pits a four-player team against a single, overpowered player in an attempt to collect a bunch of loot and make an escape. The twist is that only one survivor can leave, meaning you’ll eventually have to turn on your friends.

The title will be available for $19.99 along with a $9.99 “Founders Pack.” Included in said pack is a bunch of cosmetic items to adorn your profile with. The DLC plans for Vicious Circle include a free battle pass with extra maps and characters being added for free over the course of 2019.

If you’d like to see more before making the jump, Rooster Teeth will be holding live stream on its website this Friday, August 16, from 3 pm CST until 9 pm CST. Different personalities from RT will be playing the game in an “Olympics-style” competition that will show off every mode Vicious Circlehas to offer. It should at least give you an idea if this game is for you or not.