Anyone remember Deep Down? Capcom just filed another trademark for it


Announced in 2013

Back when Deep Down was announced in 2013 it gave us a real Souls vibe, but a lot of people feared that it would be another “me too” type project. Well, since Souls is ending soon with the second and final DLC of potentially the last Souls game, Capcom could, in its efforts to remain dormant with Deep Down, tap back into that market. If…the game ever comes out, that is.

As of last week the company has re-filed another trademark for Deep Down, effectively telling us that they’re still working on it. The project has had five trademark extensions in all, with the most recent one dating back to August of 2016.

The last we heard of Deep Downis that it had grown into a completely different beast, but that was in 2015. Maybe Capcom has a new budgetary system in place now — all new IP must be funded by at least 10 remakes before they hit the market. In that case, once the millionth Resident Evil 4 port hits we might be open for business!

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