Aonuma says the Zelda CD-i games don't fit into franchise


Because they were not even a little bit good

The Legend of Zeldais regarded as one of the best franchises in gaming, but there are some black sheep in the family. Specifically, the Phillips CD-i titles Link: Faces of Eviland Zelda: The Wand of Gamelonare held as embarrassing black eyes on the franchise, as they are ridiculously terrible. In fact, some people find it easier to disassociate Zeldawith the CD-i installments altogether.

One such person isLegend of Zeldadirector Eiji Aonuma. Speaking with MTV Multiplayer, Aonuma did his best to distance Nintendo and Zeldafrom those titles. He remarked that Nintendo doesn’t consider the CD-i projects to be part of the Zeldacanon, and that “they don’t really fit in.”

It’s rare that a Nintendo employee would comment on these games, as the company has typically remained mum on the topic. However, their blatant omission from the Hyrule Historiabook probably says more than enough about how Nintendo really feels about their existence.

Eiji Aonuma Addresses Those Horrible ‘Zelda’ CD-i Games [MTV Multiplayer]